Did you know that rabbits eat their own poop? No, seriously. That’s not just us being silly either- it’s an actual fact. And our friends at Energy BBDO used that little nugget and wrote an amazing song for Claritin. The song is called “Unboring Starts with U” (clever title, right?) and it’s been stuck in our heads since the beginning of the year.

Our ECD, Daniel DelPurgatorio, dreamed up the distinctive look of 2D animation layered over practical miniature sets, and then directed those things- both practically and digitally.

We eventually put all the stuff together and made a video about a hip, old tree who coaxes a group of electronics-obsessed kids off their couch and into the world outside. And, believe you me, the electronics are none too happy about it. But we like the outside and we like making things- so we’re super happy.

The music video is part of Claritin’s “The Outsideologist Project" that encourages kids to explore nature… preferably without the accompanying seasonal allergies. Outside = good. Allergies = not good.