People make things. Technologies and methodologies... those come and go. But what's important are the beautiful minds fighting the good fight. At ATKPLN we're a unique group of real humans* getting our hands dirty. And dirty is good.

ATKPLN. Beautiful things. Made by real humans.

*Real Humans

David Bates
Managing Director
Marvin Robinson
Executive Producer
Daniel DelPurgatorio
Executive Creative Director
Justin Skerpan
Senior Producer
Jeff Masters
CG Supervisor
Daniel Pernikoff
Associate Creative Director
Scott Rachwalski
Art Director / CG Supervisor
Jeanine Sybico
Associate Producer
Jackson Armstrong
Senior Designer
Laychin Lee
VFX Generalist
Travis Saul
Creative Technical Director
Daniel Ries
CG Generalist
Chris Collins
Steven Happel
Assistant Editor