TezspireBe You

So, the people at Wunderman Thompson gave us a shout. Well… they didn’t really shout, per se. It was a pretty conversational tone. Regardless, they said, “There’s this new drug called Tezspire, and it helps people with severe asthma. Like… a lot. If you were going to show what that looks like, how would you show what that looks like?”

We nodded knowingly and then put on our best movie announcer voice. “Picture a world in which a hulking, mohawked punk rocker loves flowers AND kitties.” Cute, right? 

Since we used the movie announcer voice, we kept rolling with it: “And picture a world where your commercial looks like a movie.” They said “Can you do that?” and we said “Totally.”

So we did exactly that.

And wouldn’t you know it, we don’t have asthma anymore. Sadly though, none of us look like that hulking, mohawked punk rocker, but that’s a conversation for another time. We do, however, love flowers and kitties.