Arlington TourismArli and the World of Wonderful

The nice folks at Peter Mayer called us and said “Hey, there’s this city called Arlington, Texas that wants to make a really cool animated short film. We have a lot to say- want to have fun?” 

Of course we want to have fun, though we thought it a bit odd that an agency in Louisiana was calling us about a city in Texas, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, we said “Cool… that place is right down the street from our Dallas office, and we’ve been there. A lot. Also, we’ve got just the thing.” 

So, we created an entirely CGI world that takes the nice, but bored and frustrated Wonderful family from the town of Blandsville to the hoppin’ city of Arlington. (Yes, their last name is Wonderful and yes, they live in Blandsville.)

Spoiler alert: They end up having WAY more fun in Arlington. By the way, you should try the CG eggrolls. They’re fabulous.