BethesdaFallout 76

You guys heard of Fallout? It’s this little game that some people like to play. We like it too, so when AKQA asked us to create this piece to launch Fallout 76 at the E3 Expo, we were all over it.

They wanted to focus on the Power Armor Edition package, and put the real life product in a real life world and then make that real life stuff look like the real life game. We agreed if we were allowed to wear the real life helmet (which we were). So we turn-keyed that bad boy. And yeah, it was real life fun.

It’s a mix of live-action and CG, and the funny thing is that when we ask people to guess which is practical and which is CG, they often get it backwards. Honestly, we don’t remember what is what anyway, so we just lie to people.