The Walking Dead

“Surviving…. surviving together is all that matters”. Those simple words describe the struggle the characters face every day on “The Walking Dead”. In this cinematic promo ATK PLN director Jose Sebastian Gomez guides the cast of “The Walking Dead” in a epic battle against unknown forces. Whether it be “walkers” or the “living” our band of characters are constantly facing an uncertain future battling enemies from all sides. “Facing the unknown is metaphorically represented by the mist of the forrest. It represents all their enemies, whether it be the undead or the living. It represents pain.” says Jose “They head into battle head on to overcome their enemies with everything at their disposal, their anger, their fear and their weapons. You can really see it and feel it in their performances. That for me was the key to a great film. After all that struggle they come back together and there is hope. Hope for a world not consumed with fear.” It is an absolute honor to be part of “That Walking Dead” story. Thank you AMC and Walking Dead for having us create a small part of your world.