In partnership with Oncor, this piece aimed to educate an age demographic between 4-11 years old about the dangers of downed power lines. In order to do so, we wanted to create a world and characters made out of realistic, hard surface textures familiar to kids everywhere.

To do so, we approached design as if we’d be constructing a real world miniature set: Grass was to be made out of carpeting, and tree leaves cut out of construction paper. Houses were built of out balsa wood and toothpicks with skewed proportions to mirror playhouses. Even our trucks were designed to mirror the look of the ever popular Peterbilt trucks. This approach, when executed, lit and rendered out of Octane render engine, succeeded in a final look that has kids wanting to reach out and touch the screen!

Music and sound design was executed by Mark Menza Studios.

Oncor “Behind the Scenes”