Lego Ninjago

Our studios have a long and rich history working with Warner Brothers Animation Group, so we were thrilled when WAG approached us to help create promotional spots for their new film, “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”.  ATKPLN, led by Animation Director Augusto Schillaci, teamed up with the directors at WAG to bring these fun little shorts to life.  The evil, but somehow lovable, Lord Garmadon is at the center of each spot, driving his son Lloyd crazy, directing singing sharks or working his frightened “lab nerds” into a frenzy.  Working closely with the teams at WAG and LEGO, all of the main characters and environments were ingested from the feature film production, and we enlisted the help of “master builders” to construct all of the other assets and sets using “LEGO Digital Designer”.  This was our second LEGO property to work on, and our artists have finessed the art of animating the CG characters and bricks in a traditional stop-motion style, and creating the sets and props by hand, brick by brick.