Lego Batman

ATKPLN, led by Animation Director Augusto Schillaci, had the pleasure of teaming up with Commonwealth/McCann and Warner Bros for a hilarious new take on Chevy's “Real People” campaign.  In this spot, a focus group makes wide psychological assumptions about the kind of person who would drive the Batmobile, much to Batman’s upset ego.   

Having previously worked on a series of commercials and promotional pieces for the “The LEGO Batman Movie”, we were thrilled to have a chance to animate Batman again, and also design the focus group LEGO minfigures and environment.  The Batmobile asset was ingested from the feature film production, and we developed and built the showroom and characters using “LEGO Digital Designer”.

Commonwealth, Chevy, Warner Brothers and LEGO were all involved, making sure each of their brand needs were being represented.   Will Arnett, as the voice of LEGO Batman was a pleasure to work with, and had the whole recording studio laughing non-stop both during and between takes.  We had a blast working with all the teams to bring this spot to life

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